Introduce yourself!

Hi Christine, I am looking forward to sharing and growing with you. Latanya

@Lovingsky64 - Hello Latanya, thanks for being here. I hope you enjoy the resources and consider the free, 5-week LXD class offered on NovoEd’s platform. Also, @dalerh21, a long-time coach/facilitator, has volunteered to provide help or insights as needed. Check the Mentoring and Peer Feedback section!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Sandra Ojumeaka and I like to think of myself as a HR|Consultant|Philanthropist|CSR personality. I currently work for a non-profit in the L&D department.

I’m passionate about planning events, project management, having new experiences and traveling!

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@Sandra_O - welcome to the LX. What is your area of the non-profit sector - education, civic, social service, business association, etc.? You may be interested in the first book in our book club –Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data by Rishad Tobaccowala. Go here to learn more.

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Hi all! Abhinaya Rangarajan here from the SF Bay area. I have been in the talent management space for over 8 yrs now. L&D has shaped my career from day 1, and still continues to. Bouncing back into the industry after a short break, looking for L&D roles local and remote. I can be reached at Abhinaya Rangarajan, M.A. - Sir Sivaswamy Kalalaya Senior Secondary School - San Francisco Bay Area | LinkedIn

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Thanks for engaging here, @Akr. I replied to your message in SF Bay Area, and encourage you to check out the ATD Golden Gate Chapter.

Thank you Annie!
I checked it out, and very happy to see some resources there.

Do they have a slack channel to keep track of all the events, job openings and such?

Hi folks! My name is Laura Dowling. I’m currently an adjunct instructor at Gwynedd Mercy University. I’ve been teaching at Gwynedd since 2007. I also have 20 years of corporate experience. I bridge the gap between corporate and higher education combining education with training (upskilling and reskilling) to unlock student and workforce opportunity.

My passion is fusing theoretical and practical knowledge with IT and workplace well-being strategies to enhance hard and soft skill development, equipping individuals and organizations to successfully navigate complex business dynamics in the rapidly changing world of education and work.

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Hello Annie,

Education and social work

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Thanks for joining the LX, @LauraD1 - we look forward to hearing your perspectives. Your background and skills seem to be what the corporate world seeks! Are you participating in NovoEd’s Book Group? Learn more here

Hi Annie,

Thanks for the welcome message. I’m new here and just figuring things out. How can I learn more about NovoEds book group?

For the full summary, go here.
To read and post about the Book Club here in the LX, go here. The discussion is still getting started - jump in and bring a book friend.

Hey Roxann!
I loved your intro! You were the one who referred me as a coach for NovoEd, and I will be eternally grateful for it! I loved your well-thought two tenets (we should add them at the LXD Community tenets, as we continue to build it. I was in the midst of changing work environments, and I am happy to report that I have accomplished that!):

  1. Resisting the status quo, feeding, feeling, and invigorating a flow of vibration and energy of excitement when designing exemplary learning experiences.

  2. Recognizing and affirming the importance of embracing a positive mindset, being keenly aware of the enormous benefits of catalyzing online and offline LXD learning experiences, as credible and valuable in teaching and learning environments.

I guess I would add that, following a method that places learning objectives as the first ideas to guide the course development process is highly important, where learning objectives are grounded well in theory and practice but are susceptible to revision.

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Glad to have you and other Entelechy learning experts and consultants in the community Terry! You’re one of NovoEd’s strongest partners, and I enjoy working with you and your team.

Hi @Gustavo !
Congratulations on your new position! It is wonderful to have these opportunities of collaborative exchange here in the LX Community! I’m grateful for your compliments :). I am in total agreement of your additional suggestions too! It is definitely the awareness of the high importance of iteration and revision, to be kept in mind, as it is a process as you keenly point out :).
SO happy to see you here :).
Let’s meet up in the near future to catch up :). I’m seriously podcasting for a global SEL collaborative too.

My name is Angela Rook, I’m a freelance learning designer and positive psychology consultant, currently working on 2 projects (i) developing an positive psychology online course for Mental Health Scotland and (ii) developing a blended leadership training programme for Blockchain & Climate Institute. I’m passionate to learn more about learning experience design. My linkedin profile is

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Mike Watson:

Currently Sales Training Manager for Align Technology across EMEA.
Building effective platforms is something I am truly passionate about!

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Hello - I’m Paul Holba. I am the Sr Manager of ODT at American Air Filters. We are a division of Daikin. Located outside of Louisville, Ky with 10 plants across NA. I’ve been in the L&D space since 1995.

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Welcome, Angela! We’re so glad you’re here. Your projects sound fascinating and very top-of-mind. Are you looking to learn anything in particular from our community?

I’m hoping to learn (i) more about Articulate 360, (ii) converting a face-to-face workshop (2hrs) into an online interactive course, (iii) get ideas and best practices around creating projects and good work/discussion via LMS, (iv) get ideas and best practices on blended training (ie how best to link self-learning content to live webinars, many thanks