Opinion: Project management knowledge is essential for great learning design delivery

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a PM in your L&D dept., you will most likely be left to manage projects on your own. This could be a debate about ADDIE, SAM, LLAMA, but I think most would agree that the method is dependent upon the project and the culture it is being created in. I was lucky to work with a number of PM SMEs early in my career on some training development, so I learned a lot. But not everyone will get that experience, have you struggled with managing projects?


I have @lxd-doula especially since many of my early projects were “multimedia” involving people from the video services teams, graphics folks begged from marketing, and some IT support staff yet no PM could be spared. Out of necessity I build a project task list after the first experience and, over the years, have honed and refined a framework to use. I have found good success using SmartSheet especially with the remote teams I work with and suggest making the “push” feature so daily updates get pushed to participants, I don’t rely in folks going to check on the status of the work list!

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