Training evaluation model recommendations

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I’m in the early stages of research on different training evaluation models that I might bring into my organization. I’m particularly interested in organizations that offer certification training on various models. I’m aware of and have reached out to representatives from Kirkpatrick Partners, and am hoping some might have recommendations of other models worth considering, along with any organizations that offer training on those models. Thank you in advance for any recommendations!

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Hi Greg! great question and big cheers to you for exploring this topic within your org. Based on my experiences:

  1. Kirkpatrick is the gold standard and most universally accepted model when it comes to measuring / evaluating training effectiveness.

  2. Phillips ROI model is based on the Kirkpatrick model, but adds a 5th level for attempting to tie in return on investment for the training.

  3. The CIRO model is based on the research work of Warr, Bird and Rackham. It is more geared towards measuring effectiveness for management training. CIRO stands for Context, Input, Reaction, Output.

  4. Kaufman’s Model of Learning Evaluation uses Kirkpatrick as a foundation and attempts to expand on by adding nuances at Level 1 and adding a 5th level that looks at the impact of training in relation to benefit to society / the community.

  5. The Brinkerhoff model offers an interesting take on evaluation. Developed by Robert Brinkerhoff in 2003, it’s build around the Success Case Method (SCM). SCM can be applied to any event, not just trainings and attempts to answer 2 main questions:

  • “How well does a program work in a best-case scenario?”
  • “When a program doesn’t work, what’s the reason for this?”

Hope this gives you a few topics to explore further. :slight_smile: