When considering music, which selection is most often suggested background music?

Considering music for enhancing learning experiences?
The topic is open for discussion!

Review a research paper that is attached for another point of view.

  • Choose the Background Music that might be used in creating learning experiences?
  • Rock & Roll
  • Heavy Metal
  • Children’s Songs
  • Classical Music

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Research Article on Instructional Design and Music
LX Sound Design Infusions 2
Spotify Shared Link Music for Study

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I like using Jazz (not too improvisational) during reflection activities and breakout room transitions.

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Wow, @Roxann! Where did you find this Hardy & Jost article?

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Hi @AnnieM ,
Thanks for your comment :). I’m glad you found it interesting. I was fortunate to find the research article on Google Scholar.
It was an impressive deep dive study with outcomes suggesting music influencing affect in a positive manner, and cognition of the ninth grade students. The use of PowerPoint was really forward thinking taking into consideration the challenges of early computer assisted instruction! I hope to find related newer studies too.

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Hi @MTJohnson ,
Thanks for your comment! I am found of Jazz and never used it during reflection and break out rooms! Fantastic!!! Have you noted any favorite selections of your own or your students? I’d love to hear more about your experiences :).