Colors Matter in Designing Effective e-Learning

Consider reviewing how color influences your learning design experiences.
“When designing eLearning, preferably use cool colors in the background and use warmer colors on elements you want to emphasize on the screen.”

Side Story:
As a learning experience designer, and I’m also a Yoga and Mindfulness Educator. I’ve been designing my own mindfulness and Yoga T-shirts, for my Mindfulness and Yoga classes, for almost two years. I’ve been noticing that my color choices are highly influencing my participants moods and movement engagement too. While I had personally stayed away from green, reading this linked article, gave me another perspective of how I should reconsider using green and how colors can influence wellbeing and concentration too.

"This means that we as eLearning designers need to make sure we understand what it takes to make good color choices. A little color **[ psychology]

(6 Ways Color Psychology Can Be Used to Design Effective eLearning)** may be the secret sauce to produce soothing and productive moods in your learners.


Mood can make a difference @Roxann and as one who is color challenged (or as my family notes, can’t see more than RoyGBiv!) keeping the palette simple and aligned for visibility helps keep the mood, and the message, clear!