Why AI Grabs So Much Attention

Hello to all LX Community Members and guests too!

        First disclaimer is that I am a newbie to using at this time, just the  free versions of AI like ChatGPT and DALLE2. As I write this post,  it just might be a highly very unpopular topic to many who have digested to date, so much media AI hype. So to keep this short, I have used the above highly popular AI in a way to help me create lists of suggestions for a newly launched fitness programs name.  As simple as that sounds, truthfully it was that simple.  Not only simple, but so incredible contextually rich in generating interesting names that I used some of the suggested adjectives.  
        Now you might be curious as to the name I chose?  **GYM-Z** is what my program is called and it stands for Gentle Yoga Movement and Zumba.  Chat-GPT provided some of the descriptive words I used, gentle and mostly the tag line words I will share here too.  

“Empower the Moment” “Empowerment through Movement”.

       At this time the name and the tag lines are all mine, however, ChatGPT did play a significant role in helping me hone in on differentiating language for the name and tag lines.  I am appreciating using the free version at this time. 

      Your thoughtful comments are always welcomed here in the LX Community.