Apple Pie & Boosting Brain Waves Improves Memory

Hello LX Community Members!

          Welcoming October here in New England always brings to  mind  fall scenes of colorful leaves, the cooler temperatures changes,  change is constant but we are reminded often visually during this time.  What experiences do you associate with the fall season?  For me, it's  being in an apple orchard, breathing in waifs of apple scents in the crisp air, and thinking or imagining baking  apples, and eating a warm, cinnamon and nutmeg apple pie, (maybe ala mode).

            That brings to mind today's topic of boosting brain waves to improve memory.
          "Could boosting theta waves actually improve what people remember? We predicted that boosting theta waves by audio-visual entrainment would result in improved memory.

We wanted to see if we could improve memory by using lights and sounds that teach the brain waves to be in sync. People wore special goggles that made flashes of light and headphones that made beeping noises. This trained the brain through a process called entrainment. The entrainment put the brain in sync at a specific brain wave pattern called theta. People whose brains were trained to be in theta had better memory compared to people whose brains did not get trained. We learned that entrainment is a cool new way to make memory better.


Consider this:

"Another 2017 study explored the way that theta wave activity seems to be linked to one particular type of learning. This type of learning occurs when you’re doing something that you may not have conscious access to, like learning to ride a bike. This is known as implicit learning.

This research suggests that examining brain wave activity could be helpful in figuring out how to teach people to learn certain kinds of information, or to perform certain tasks."


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