Think about Changing Clocks & Designing Learning Experiences while Noting, Potential for Work Place Injuries

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I’ve taken a short recess for continuing my education in the digital , health and wellbeing frontiers especially when designing learning experiences. In this post, I’m revealing an article that might be of interest to you especially when designing experiences during transitional time/clock changes.
Even though we might never think about the topic of time changes in correlation with work place injuries, maybe it is time to give this topic some timely attention. Hopefully the following article will be useful and meaningful when designing learning experiences to avoid potential work place injury. For example, if workers are prone to injury during this period, it might be wise to evaluate or re-evaluate the learning experience tasks for risk/injury and then potentially redesign or even provide reasonable related learning experiences.

National Law Review:

  • People in most states will turn their clocks forward one hour at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 10, 2024, for the start of daylight saving time.
  • Some studies suggest the transition to daylight saving time leads to a spike in workplace accidents due to disruptions to workers’ sleep schedules.
  • Employers may want to take note of the potential increased risks to workplace safety potentially caused by daylight saving time.

Here’s the lInk:

“The seasonal changing of the clocks for daylight saving time can disrupt individuals’ sleep patterns and have unintended consequences for workplace safety, and studies have revealed a correlation between the transition to daylight saving time and an increase in workplace injuries.”

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I know all this is true yet for some reason, I like the changes to the clock in spring and fall. Flies against the data but… I like it @Roxann

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Thanks BIll @WJRyan ,
For now you win! Last year there was a governmental act that almost passed to stay with standard time.
This year it looks like it will be revived again. My personal preference is to stay one one time.

It will be interesting to see what happens this year!

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