The future work week

Recent consultation with a group considering keeping a hybrid workforce rather than a full return to office led me to propose visioning with them what their future work week might look like. Would welcome conversations and insights from the community on your thoughts. I don’t see a traditional 9-5 framework, nor do I see staff meetings where one person talks the most, I see increased accountability to be remote means responsible. Add in please!


Hi Bill @WJRyan,
Your great topic, I believe, inspires discussion and possibly debate on many levels. In my higher ed experience, I see similar expectations in many areas, for students as I do employees. For example, empowering students and employees to be responsible for their learning, knowledge sharing, and as the linked article suggests, empathy too. As these are expectations for both, there is obviously much more to discuss. Can’t wait to read more comments! :slight_smile:


It’s a matter of trust @Roxann , are we measuring clear business deliverable or butts in seats? What matters more to the organization is a question being reevaluated and past management tools, like attendance, are not measuring up to real business goals and objectives. So what will it take to succeed and how can we clarify what the work week will look like?