Building & Identifying the 4 Healthy States of Psychological Capital

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           It is wise to sometimes step away from a problem or issue in order to gain more perspective hopefully leading to more clarity in the matter.  I took my own advice with this post to review a topic that might be of some interest or even great interest to you.  What exactly is psychological capital and how having some knowledge of this area might lead to new insights for you personally and/or in your organization that might helpful to keep in mind when in designing appropriate learning experiences.

This is a quote from the August 2023 web APA article that was meaningful to me and I hope that you might find a sentence or two that you found interesting or perhaps useful.

“Helping employees build psychological strength is critical for cultivating a successful organization in today’s economic climate. Learn what steps you can take to make real change.”

What it is: Psychological capital is a collection of four healthy psychological states that enhance well-being and performance—hope, efficacy, resilience, and optimism. Together, the four states contribute more than the sum of their parts. In the workplace, individual employees can build psychological capital to enhance their personal performance and employers can build psychological capital to enhance organizational performance across teams and entire workforces. (Luthans & Broad, 2022)"


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