Conversation About Podcasting and the Potential Value in Business

Podcasting could be a valuable tool you might want to consider using for creating engaging learning experiences.

The link features podcast guest Shannon Martin who uses PodBean for Podcasting.

This podcast has incredibly interesting points of view that might really pique your interest in how podcasts are used in business. It’s long and honestly, my mind wandered somewhere at the halfway point, but my focus and attention kept being pulled back because the conversation had authentic beginners tips that should be considered.

David James
David has been a People Development professional for more than 20 years, most notably as Director of Talent, Learning & OD for The Walt Disney Company across Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

As well as being the Chief Learning Strategist at Looop, David is a prominent writer and speaker on topics around modern and digital L&D as well as an active member of the CIPD L&D Advisory Board.

The Value of Podcasting
Shannon works with podcasters and organisations running internal communications and training podcasts, to support their efforts and address their needs. In addition Shannon run community outreach: interviews, social media, events, collaborations, and sponsorships. She also speaks at podcasting and employee development/training/HR conferences on various aspects of podcasting.


  • Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing areas of content development. They are swift to deploy in service of a defined need.
  • If seeking to deploy podcast content, we should always aim to experiment rather than launch as a new commitment. This can lead to the feeling of wearing a millstone.
  • Podcast listening is up 40% over the last three years. At Podbean alone, over 100,000 podcasts were begun in 2020.
  • There is no gatekeeper for the world of podcasting, allowing for a surfeit of creativity. This also allows listeners to tune in to more specific niches.

Why Podcasting?