Poll Results Resource for #1 Podcasts for increasing learner engagement

Poll Results and Resource Link for #1 Increasing Engagement Podcast

  1. When to use podcasts for increasing learner engagement
    1. Practical tips for motivating learners.
    1. Writing performance based learning objectives
    1. Optimizing skills your learners already have
    1. How to give positive feedback

#1 When to use podcasts for increasing learner engagement

LINK for the Podcast below

"The Turn on Engagement podcast is focused on all things employee communication and engagement. We talk to the brightest minds and leaders in the space. From internal communications, employee engagement, human resources, and corporate affairs; we’ll cover it all and more. We’ll talk about how YOU can get employee communications through effectively to your employee population in order to supercharge engagement, satisfaction, and most importantly your workforce productivity. Learn more about best practices being used in today’s work environments and how leading veterans are seeing results based on these practices.

Tune in twice a month podcast engagement trends.

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