10 Reasons Why Modern Businesses Need a Podcast

“Podcasts in business have become so popular that in the United States at least 1 podcast is listened to by every third resident of the state every month.”

Disclaimer- I do not endorse the bcast.fm.
I do endorse PodBean- which I do use.

Podcasting for Business

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Wow - that’s an intriguing statistic, @Roxann! I’ll check it out. I have to say that personally, my initial criteria to continue to listen to podcasts are 1) Can I control/advance the playback speed of the podcast (so many times it is too slow); 2) I listen mostly through Spotify and one or two other channels/platforms. Call me what you will, but I find Spotify a decent aggregator - but I know nothing of how podcasts are deployed and monetized and of course, we all heard the brouhaha from earlier this year. How will you promote your podcast? Anyone else in this LX community a podcast fan or creator?

Interesting indeed, I’m one of those who doesn’t utilize these as listener or creator. I watch, and make, videos (vlogs) but would love to hear how others use these content objects, personal development, professional development, direct skill application? Share on, I promise I’ll listen!! :slight_smile: