Opinion :YouR Voice is Monotonous-Are your Learners tuned out or turned off by your voice?

How many times have you tuned out or turned off a webinar or podcast due to not liking the presenters voice- for example the voice was annoying, boring, sing-songy, too bossy… etc.
What makes a voice more enjoyable for learners? What type of voice keeps learners engaged?

Have you analyzed your voice?



Empathy -How to adapt your voice Link below


Thank you Roxann for the links and the advise. I remember when I started to teach on line that I took vocal sessions that were offered by a popular radio station in my country. I wanted to learn how to sound interesting on line. They were helpful and I benefited a lot.


Hi @NaglaaHassan ,
I never really thought about how interesting and important it would be to learn about the voice and it’s impact on learners. It is impressive that a radio station offered sessions in voice! It is important and it is an area that is totally overlooked. Maybe our comments and links will hopefully pique more interest and commentary in this area! :slight_smile:


This is something i need to focus more on. Although usually i find someome else to do the narration for me, i should also get better at it. Thanks for this thought!


@NaglaaHassan What a cool experience- vocal sessions offered by a radio station! I’m curious, what were some of the key takeaways you took from those sessions?

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Hi @MelissaFiske. There were many tips that I offten now use and the most important one is breathing properly, and the best way to do this is to pause at intervals. Another tip is to listen carefully with the intention of developing a dialogue or bringing everone to the discussion. There are many things that I learnt too like how to use intonations and use your voice to send different messages, like stressing certain words to give them emphasis. It was a rich and fun experience.


These are all such GREAT tips! Thanks for sharing @NaglaaHassan !

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