Performance Support Tools Review on Tips and Strategies

What are performance support tools?

Performance Support Tools or PSTs are just-in-time learning aids designed to assist employees with on-the-job support and enhance workforce performance.

  • They provide support and guidance to employees at work exactly when they need them.
  • They are easily accessible and are usually available in the learners’ workflow, serving the purpose of providing the required task support to employees, thereby leading to enhanced employee performance.
  • PSTs are ideal to bring about continuous improvement in the workforce performance that organizations look to achieve.

In the linked article this defines succinctly the importance of PST.
Filtering resources so people get the tools and resources they need while actively working is the goal.

TIP 1 Social Learning Link
**How do we learn?*The below percentages are not exact

  • 70% from on the job experiences (experiential learning).
  • 20% from interactions with others (social learning).
  • 10% from formal (structured learning).