Rebooting employees: Upskilling for artificial intelligence in multinational corporations

Why AI upskilling is necessary and advantageous in designing learning experiences, might not be obvious, but after you read or scan this article you might recognize the importance of upskilling for AI.

"As AI deemphasized mechanical human labor, humans have to upgrade their focus on tasks that are difficult for AI to assume, that is, tasks requiring thinking and feeling skill sets (Huang et al., Citation2019; Huang & Rust, Citation2018).

The International Journal of Human Resource Management
Volume 33, 2022 - Issue 6: Artificial Intelligence - Challenges and Opportunities for International HRM; Guest Editors: Pawan Budhwar and, Ashish Malik


Additional Info from the Open Source Article:

Proponents of artificial intelligence (AI) have envisaged a scenario wherein intelligent machines would execute routine tasks performed by humans, thus, relieving them to engage in creative pursuits. While there is widespread fear of corresponding job losses, organizational think tanks vouch for the synergistic culmination of human–machine competencies. Using the dynamic skill, neo-human capital and AI job replacement theories, we contend that the introduction and adoption of AI calls for employees to upskill themselves. To determine the key skills deemed critical for the upskilling of employees, we interviewed 20 experienced professionals in multinational corporations (MNCs) in the information technology sector in India. Deploying Gioia’s methodology for qualitative analysis, our investigation revealed five critical skills for employee upskilling: data analysis, digital, complex cognitive, decision making and continuous learning skills.

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Great share, many thanks @Roxann and as I read the abstract, I have a strong desire to go re-read the many different books Isaac Asimov wrote about robots because I recall the interactions between system and self centered on question/answer with both learning, data analysis that led to decision making based on the data/facts.

In my experiences, I’m finding the key skill is being able to ask the question in such a manner to enable the platform to provide the solution in the desired way. Now… do I read the paper or go find the books… maybe both, and more coffee!!

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