ROI Institute Launches ROI Estimator

This might be of use/interest, ROI Institute Launches ROI Estimator – ROI Institute to our business folks coming from the Phillips ROI Institute. I have some personal opinions that I think are missing in this but having the capability to demonstrate the Return on Learning to the operational business teams is a plus! - bill

The ROI Estimator, a tool developed by ROI Institute that allows individuals to estimate the ROI on planned program design and implementation, can help you optimize the value of your programs and projects.

Why This is Needed

One concern about program implementation is that it may not deliver the expected value. The key to ensuring success is effective design and implementation. Will the program provide the desired results as currently designed? What changes can be implemented to improve the program? The ROI Estimator addresses these issues, making it a valuable tool for anyone implementing a new project or program.

How it was Developed

The ROI Estimator is based on research using 2,000 ROI studies in talent development. Our analysis showed what factors contributed to a better ROI. In the end, eight factors were identified that, when properly addressed, will ensure a program will deliver a positive ROI.