Tailored Programs for Business Solution

The Business Solution Department in my institute design and develop tailored programs for enteties and companies that require them to address specific needs or issues. The challenge is that the time duration for developing these programs is very tight and forms a challenge. The ID process and tempaltes are not neccessarly followed and sometimes the instructors who are appointed to teach these programs work on their own without consulting with the ID department. Is there an agile or quick model/process that our ID department can introduce to the Business Solution Deparmtnet to gaurantee the quality of these tailered programs provided?


Hi @NaglaaHassan,
I’m going to defer to our LX Community Colleague Bill @WJRyan for his incredible suggestions/recommendations.

I did find a link for project assessments. I’m not sure if these are helpful or maybe a future resource?

(10+ Project Assessment Examples – PDF)

Interesting question/problem @NaglaaHassan (thanks @Roxann for bringing me in!). I have had a similar experience with various operational SMEs (large call center environment supporting multiple products) creating their “training”. While they asked for our L&D templates (to be transparent, using them was a part of obtaining access to the enterprise LMS that L&D managed) we found out they pretty much did what they wanted to. To answer your question if an agile or quick model/process is available, yes BUT… (I know… but there’s a but!) the solution I found that worked wasn’t around a template or model. Where I brought them into our “choir” was I made the learning consultant that was their liaison monitor their business KPIs and business metrics. We could see when they rolled out “training” for a specific topic and we would monitor their operational dashboards, if their metrics stayed the same or got worse, we would reach out and show them the data and then offer to help. Yes, we got resistance but after a few “wins” others started to ask up front. It took about 3 years before we saw a more consistent approach to business problems and a performance-centric design framework, but we got there by focusing on making sure the SMEs (and the population they were supporting) were successful as measured by their business metrics. Be glad to talk in greater detail if it would help. - bill

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