The LX Presents: The Radically Changing Role of L&D Professionals — Featuring Christopher Lind

Learning programs tied to business outcomes are today’s gold standard. Too often, however, learning professionals approach fellow business leaders with language and programs that do not translate outside of the learning suite. Instead – and especially amid growing economic uncertainty – L&D must work in lockstep with fellow business leaders across the organization to help move their organizations forward more quickly and efficiently.

What does good, business-focused learning look like in a blended or digital space?

Watch this on-demand webinar in our The LX Signature series – The Radically Changing Role of L&D Professionals, featuring Christopher Lind, Chief Learning Officer of ChenMed – to find out!

In this webinar, Christopher discusses:

  • How business leaders can better hire and utilize learning technologies that solve business problems and create efficiencies at scale
  • How learning professionals can create stronger business narratives around learning technologies
  • Why ChenMed implemented value-based learning tied to value-based healthcare and how the organization has mutually restructured its health care and learning systems from this perspective
  • Why it is mission-critical for employees to be able to design their own personal learning journeys in today’s workplace

Watch now!

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Insightful conversation (Chris is a unique L&D leader!) and I continue to see L&D moving from a training mindset towards a performance consultant framework. Great session & share to listen, reflect, and plan from.

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