Teaching is Not a Problem for AI to Solve

When you start unpacking generative AI being used to replace a skill instead of augmenting it, you begin to see how rotten the onion is, layer after layer. There’s still no method for a user to audit a black box system, no reasonable means for an AI to articulate how or why it arrived at a decision. To allow it to stand in for a human offloads not only the labor of a person, but the entire moral, ethical, and responsible thinking we expect from a human being…



Good point @MilwJoe, regardless of the high tech we want, and deserve, the high touch interactions that only another human can provide. Where I’m seeing promise is in the prompting and queries generated combined with the collection and synthesis of answers generated to allow decision makers better access to data points, especially from folks “in the field” that are often filtered out. Still requires a person at the end of the path to make, and explain, judgements and decisions. Thanks for the share!

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