What happens when designers embrace the senses beyond sight?

Designing with the senses… does it make sense to your audience?

“Design does not exist in a vacuum. We are constantly and simultaneously surrounded by textures, contours, smells, sights, and sounds. As designers, we should consider all of the senses when we design—not only so we can more fully connect to our audience, but also so we can be more inclusive.”

Here’s an interesting sample:

When it comes to typography, sight and sound are closely linked. As the writer Robert Bringhurst aptly described it: “Writing is the solid form of language.” Designers often convey the concept of sound through scale and weight. For example, 72 point heavy Helvetica is much louder than an 8 point Mrs. Eaves. A layout with lots of white space will feel much more calming and quiet than a spread with tiny margins packed-to-the-brim with content.

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Great thoughts, I never thought of using type face in that way


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