What is more important , knowing your EQ scores or working consciously to practice Emotional Intelligence? Practice before you Preach

I started my EQ journey with Six Seconds since June 2020. I was lucky to be part of Six Seconds as their focus is on Practicing EQ. You can only teach or help others learn EQ , if you can practice EQ. Being EQ practitioner, I am still learning, its like observe yourself everyday as a Scientist, identify your patterns i.e. Thinking, Feelings and Actions. Identify your Noble Goal, your life purpose or Purpose in a given situation. Reflect how my Thinking, Feeling and Action helping me support or achieve purpose. How can we navigate emotions and be more purposeful than letting our unconscious work and calling it a fate. Lot to learn … & practice.


Interesting, @nitinnigam3 - thank you for sharing your practice and progress. Is there an online community of EQ practitioners? How did you come to choose this discipline over others?