AI skills are becoming more important than job experience. Here’s how job seekers can adapt

“Research from Microsoft, LinkedIn and PwC underlines how quickly AI is changing profiles and suggests how job seekers need to adapt to succeed … With PwC finding that skillsets for what it terms ‘AI-exposed occupations’ are changing 25% faster than in roles where AI is less relevant, adopting some, if not all, of these habits could dramatically improve people’s future career development. However, the findings also mean that organizations and educational systems must do major work to prepare the current workforce and future generations for an AI-driven world of work.”

My take-away is that blending the tools into the workflow and supporting a culture of curiosity will open doors to exploration and usage. Leader’s modeling behaviors like asking "how could AI help and providing time for workers to learn and try out the tools will be key, and L&D can influence adoption. One other point is for leaders to consider ways to redesign processes and workflow to take advantage of AI capabilities that prove value. When we make it easy and show value the odds of use increase. AI skills rival job experience when choosing candidates | World Economic Forum (