Defining Authentic Feedback Using Chatbots

Feedback has many nuances across professions. Research suggests feedback close to or during the learning experience, can be very effective to changing behavior. Feedback can be authentic, instructive, effective, or even uninvited. How do you decide upon what kind of feedback to provide? The feedback process itself is complex. Feedback can be defined as a special form of communication. Let’s take a deeper look. LINK

I’m most intrigued by what is called authentic feedback. The following is a first sample response from my query question on what really is authentic feedback.

The following was Chat GPT’s response to the following prompt:

Write one page on why using chat bots can be effective for employee feedback. Include the important research on receiving immediate, authentic feedback. Describe and define authentic feedback and give three examples. Provided three research resources on authentic assessment.
Chat bots can be an effective tool for employee feedback as they allow for immediate, authentic, and convenient communication.

Authentic feedback refers to honest, specific, and actionable comments that help an individual understand their strengths and weaknesses in a specific task or behavior. It is not just a general comment, but rather provides a clear and detailed picture of the individual’s performance.

Three examples of authentic feedback are:

“In your presentation last week, I appreciated the clear and concise way you presented the data. However, I noticed that your body language seemed a bit tense, which made it difficult for the audience to engage with you.”
“I have observed that you have a tendency to miss deadlines. To help you improve, let’s set specific and achievable goals for the next project and regularly check in on your progress.”
“Your communication skills are excellent. I appreciate the way you listen and respond to your team members, and I think this has helped to create a positive and productive work environment.”
Chatbots can help employees receive immediate, authentic feedback in a convenient and accessible way.

Here are three resources that provide research on authentic feedback:

“The Impact of Feedback on Employee Performance: A Review of the Literature” (2015) by N. van den Berg, P. Stoker, and J. Thijssen, provides an overview of the impact of feedback on employee performance, including the benefits of authentic feedback.
“The Importance of Authentic Feedback in the Workplace” (2018) by L. Diener and S. Albrecht, highlights the benefits of authentic feedback and its role in creating a positive work environment.
“Authentic Feedback: The Key to Improved Performance” (2017) by J. Cook, explores the benefits of authentic feedback and the factors that influence its effectiveness.
In conclusion, chatbots can be an effective tool for employee feedback as they allow for immediate, authentic, and convenient communication. Authentic feedback is specific, actionable, and honest, providing employees with a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. By using chatbots, organizations can create a culture of feedback and continuous improvement, leading to higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Great examples @Roxann , thanks for the share. I am reminded of the study that saw chatbots used as teaching assistants for a large class scored higher than actual grad student TA’s. The tech doesn’t mind answering the same question over and over again so in the support/help desk type service areas I see this kind of technology being effective and efficient. I can handle the truth but admit, it’s easier when it is delivered nicely.

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I find this so fascinating! Thanks for sharing @Roxann!

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