PwC’s 27th Annual Global CEO Survey: Thriving in an age of continuous reinvention

I like to look ahead and here’s the 27th annual study that PwC shares as they interview CEOs globally. “Although the 4,702 CEOs responding to this year’s survey were more optimistic about global economic growth than last year, 45% of them are still not confident that their companies would survive more than a decade on their current path.” A focus point was the “reallocation” of financial and human resources - opportunities for L&D?

This is where their heads are at in 2024. Thriving in an age of continuous reinvention | PwC

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Hi Bill @WJRyan ,
This is one of those OMG moments from your link!

“However, too many CEOs report having no plans for a range of other climate actions. For example, fewer than half of all respondents have incorporated climate risk into financial planning—and nearly one-third have no plans to do so.”

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This gets me focused on a deeper point where “leadership” has become more of a project management role rather than a role that reflects, visions, and models the term “strategic”. The more posts I see around micromanaging I see “leaders” tasked with projects instead of leading people.

In my opinion, down this road lies madness and slow failure. More than organizational, this is a societal moment to redefine what “success” means for companies, communities, and countries.

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