When do you use the word " Program Revamp"? is it different form "Program Review"

Hello everyone. My organization wants to revamp its programs that were created 3 years ago. They call this project “Program Revamping”. Is this term correct, or is it review? and what is the difference between “Program Revamp” and Program Review".

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Hi @NaglaaHassan ,

You pose a valid question. Revamp or review might connote the same meaning to many, but then again it might not. A program revamp seems to suggest a redesign of the program whereas a program review suggests an analysis of the program with possible modifications being recommended not necessary a complete or comprehension program redesign.

In my past experience, in higher ed, another term introduced was course redesign, meaning the entire course was to be reviewed and then redesigned. In revamping a program, it seems similar to a course redesign including what I previously mentioned. A program review seems to be like a course analysis more like a SWOT review with recommendations.

To have more clarity of terms is vital for either in order to move forward in order to establish tangible and actionable outcomes for a successful program improvement.

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Hi @Roxann ,

Thank you for your clear and thorough reply. Much appreciated.

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I like Roxann’s response, and I think “Course Redesign” is a more formal way of saying “revamp”, but I like both. I’ve also heard it informally referred to as “white papering” a course.

Review - then revamp: It might be a 2-part process where the first part (the review) is often skipped if it’s pretty obvious your program is getting revamped. Or the review could have been that faculty meeting where it was decided it needed a revamp.

Feedback coming from SMEs often results in a quick review resulting in a revision of the materials that is not a revamp. But if faculty are reviewing it, they’re often looking at overall learning objectives. This type of review is most likely going to result in a refresh or full-on redesign.

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